Antex Introduction
A Hub of Global Digital Finance
Blockchain technology is a key factor that impacts on the global financial revolution in the first two decades of the 21st century. Leveraging Blockchain technology, the role of 3rd parties as financial con-troller is being replaced. Financial flow in blockchain allows people to deposit, receive, withdraw, and transfer to each other without the intermediary participants (or 3rd party like: traditional banking system, financial institutional control). The demand for integration of blockchain and digital platforms are booming. The massive holding, purchasing, swapping demands of digital assets are the main reasons. Consequently, matching with the mentioned above demand, e-wallet applications have been considered as the most urgent priority including digital asset deposit, withdrawal, swap, storage, and profit maximization for users. They create the unique and different aspects between the fintech ecosystem based on blockchain application and the current finance ecosystem that inherently exist with large implications to themselves as manipulation. Another important element is the human and their inten-tional behavior. But for blockchain, those barriers are impossible
The combination of cryptocurrency wallet application augmentation with blockchain technology is an effort to make private and easy financial transactions without the third financial intermediaries. This seems to be the most significant breakthrough to users because of the convenient access to their assets that rely on financial applications, especially wallet applications. The community network independence plays an important role in the wallet application called blockchain. The blockchain comprehension is outstanding due to all transaction information being recorded and we can view and track all transactions at any time, while the cryptocurrency transition and cash conversion are possible, the role of Bitcoin in real life is still impossible. However, it is useful for currency transfers. Current wallet applications not only allow users to hold digital assets, deposit, and withdraw but also play a financial assistant role in spending and investing management. VNDT wallet applications in the Antex ecosystem are the accessible functions that you have never experienced before or you have not been able to find on the others, such as:
  • Fiat-crypto conversion or vice versa that is easily processed by using the available QR code integrated in the application
  • Exchange cryptocurrencies through bank account in many countries
  • Create a peer-to-peer structure that is transparent
  • You could easily manage, invest and even save deposits only on your phone.
In the blockchain finance sector, exchanges are indispensable, we have studied the entire needs of users in the crypto market and we found that the seeking demand for exchanges with centralization and decentralization applications are increasing continuously and they are similar to the e-wallets demands. However, in order to choose the right exchanges with high reliability and stable trading ability, users need to have a consistent mindset in terms of knowledge and experience. By incorporating artificial intelligence with the transaction procedure, we hope to offer the best results for the financial increase for the participants. In our roadmap development for the Antex blockchain financial ecosystem, we will build a full financial functions exchange to adapt userโ€™s demands.
With many years of research and operation in the technology sector, We focus on researching and testing a breakthrough new blockchain platform, in effort to process transactions faster, with more reasonable costs,high security, especially expansion aspects based on the system demand anytime. It will be an innovative blockchain network that integrates such current blockchain networkโ€™ optimizations and new technologies to create breakthroughs from enterpriseโ€™s applications.
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